A spore is born...
Sporeboy the idea started when we were told our air conditioner's guts were caked with mold. We worked in a sixty-year-old building, you see, and the crud in the ducts and air handler had been there since Watergate. We vaguely suspected we worked in a sick building, but this confirmed it. Everyone suddenly felt ill--headaches, fevers, ringworm, gangrene...Of course the spores were to blame.

I did a little drawing during one or another of the many meetings I was obliged to attend. It was a shroom-headed mutant hacking up a lung (I was beginning to feel more than a little crappy). Andy says he named it Sporeboy. Since I can't remember, and since Andy has a lot of knives, he gets the credit.

Sporeboy the image was created some time during the two weeks I was out with pneumonia (the spores!). I don't exactly remember doing it. But when I got back to work, I ran out the illustration and posted it all over the art department. It went over kinda big. So, now we had a permanently-ill mascot to go with our fungus-ridden workplace.

Next, I had to figure out how a pointless, yakking cartoon head could make me a million bucks. So I checked the availability of sporeboy.com, got it, and started laying out a site map. As it turns out, illustration, logos...all that branding stuff is what I do for a living. So it was just natural that I would squander all my free time on what--during the day--I'd call work

Since the site's launch in 2001, I've used the sporeboy! name and image in forums, for postings, in Quake games... wherever. Friends and family think it's a tad weird... but then they've always thought the mothership forgot to pick me up.

Live long, and may the spores be with you!

They are you know...

Since this site launched, the agency mentioned is no more--though I suspect the mold and mildew live on. I've kept in touch with many former co-workers, and all say they've seen a remarkable improvement in their overall health; this despite the pressures of sudden and precipitous unemployment.