Go ahead, ask me anything...

Q. This godawful green is everywhere! Is it your favorite color?
A. No godawful orange is.

Q. Will you make me a portrait for my Elven Ranger/Archer?
A. Probably not.

Q. I've noticed a lot of pencil lines in your portrait renderings. Are they intentional? and if so, what's your technique?
A. Yes, they are intentional. It started with the Planescape portraits. That series was meant for low-rez use, and I expected the pencil work to soften or 'rez-out.' The hatching and cross-hatching is pretty conspicuous at larger image sizes, but the method seemed to add texture, form and life to the portraits. So, in a lot of cases, they're painted with the same scratchy-ness, reinforcing the lines of the original drawings.

Q. So, are you a professional artist or what?
A. Kind of. I currently work as a creative director. I mostly handle corporate identity for tech companies.

Q. Can I use your work for my mod/avatar/sig/etc.?
A. In almost every instance the answer is 'yes.' Please just drop me a line to let me know which image and how you want to use it. I only ask that you not sell, re-distribute or alter my images. You can get avatar/buddy icons ready-to-go at the Junkola page.

Q. Can I link to your site?
A. Almost always O.K. Just let me know.

Q. Paper or plastic; boxers or briefs; Ginger or Mary Ann?
A. Paper; boxers; Mary Ann.

Q. Why is that one eye big and yellow?
A. It's swollen with a gallon of pus.

I get a few inquiries here and there. Most deal squarely with the game portraits--can they be used, and how were they made... I'm still waiting for someone to ask about how wave-particle duality imapcts the peak absorbancy of photopsins.